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Azerbaijan is one of the unique places where different cultures and civilizationsmeetat the crossroad between the East and the West, the North and the South. At the same time, being a member of both Islamic and European organizations Azerbaijan absorbs the values of both civilizations, thus enabling it to assume a role of genuine bridge

Intercultural dialogue is one of the most pressing challenges of the contemporary world and, indeed, one that increasingly manifests itself on a global scale. In this regard we should understand that globaldevelopment must be based on the diversity of cultures, which is the basic code of human life's understanding, an open, progressive repository of wisdom, experience, knowledge, exchange, solidarity and ways of living together by widening the range of options open to everyone..

Under patronage of H.E. Mr.IlhamAliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in cooperation with UNESCO, UN Alliance of Civilizations, UN World Tourism Organization, Council of Europe, ISESCO, North-South Center of the Council of Europe proudly announces launch of the 2ndWorld Forum on Intercultural Dialogue to taking place in 29 May-01 June 2013 inBaku.

The programme of the upcoming forum implies several sessions and side events to be prepared and led by partner organizations, including the celebration of "Do one thing for Diversity and Inclusion", Intercultural Innovation Award ceremony for Central Asia, Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, 1st Alumni Meeting of the "Emerging Leaders Network", conference of "Global Network Towards a global intercultural cities learning community", the workshop "Intercultural Dialogue through History Teaching: Best Practices and Challenges", the sessions of "Tourism as a key driver of mutual understanding and tolerance among cultures", "Harnessing intercultural competences and global citizenship", and "Capitals of Culture: trends and roles, intercultural dialogue through faith and science" and etc.

The initiative of holding a high-level international meeting devoted to various aspects of tolerance, peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and understanding between all cultures of the world has been declared by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly(23 September 2010, New-York) and was supported by the roster of leading international organisations. The first notable and inspiring results of these noble endeavours have been manifested by holding the1stWorld Forum on Intercultural Dialogue on 7-9 April 2011 in Baku, which turned to become a one-of-a-kind international gathering on this topic unprecedented by level and scale of representativeness.

The Baku Forum addressed challenges of intercultural dialogue in its various aspects regarding conceptual frameworks, governance, policy and practice. It has tackled the barriers to dialogue and faced concretely how dialogue can best be pursued in diverse contexts. It provided an opportunity for sharing of good practices and the launch of new initiatives within this intercultural platform. 500 representatives from 102 countries from all continents, many international organization, NGOs, media representatives, scholars, experts and etc. participated in the Forum organized under the motto - "United Through Common Values, Enriched by Cultural Diversity".

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